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Bridal lehenga according to your bodytype: TRIANGLE bride-Stylblog!

Bridal Lehenga for Triangle Body Type

Creating a perfect bride is an art. A dreamy bride is not made just by a pretty outfit. She is created by getting her everything that accentuates her high points and making the areas she is conscious about work in her favor. STYL-INC is here for every bride to styl her like a dream. So we’ll start with the TRIANGLE bride! In case you’re confused about if you’re a triangle or not just look at Continue Reading

Curvy Brides Doing it Right!!

Tips for Curvy Brides to Look Beautiful

For years curvy women have been treated differently from the rest. Hence the sound of shopping which is like music to many, may not necessarily gives the same feeling to a curvy girl. Likewise goes for our curvy brides! Of course we understand how all we curvy brides are made to believe that our options are limited. So cos our bodies do not abide to the so called ‘beauty standards’. Not to mention how we Continue Reading