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How To Wear Suit Without A Tie To Work | Styl-Inc | Styl-Blog

Rob Delaney once quoted “I hate wearing suits & ties”. I am pretty sure, this is what every man thinks while going to his office. Ties can make a man feel bound. Especially in summers, what a relief it would be if you get to remove your tie during office hours. Here are small tips for all those who would love to wear formals to their work only if the definition of formals was suits Continue Reading


Trendy Power Dressing for Indian Women

Power dressing just not another element of styling but is a way of expression. It is a way of showing your personality without having to say a word. Personally this is one of my favorite way of dressing and is the best for your office wardrobe. So let’s have a look at these gorgeous ensembles and get you all decked up with class and sass! SUIT UP! When we say the term ‘Power dressing’ the Continue Reading

Perfect Wedding outfits for Men- Mens-Styl! | STYL-INC-Stylblog!

Fashionable Indian Wedding Outfits for Men

Wedding Fashion for men doesn’t work the same way as for women. They color options are comparatively limited and so are the embroideries. But that doesn’t mean that wedding outfits for men have to be monotonous. It’s all about picking out your favorite style from the trending fashion.  This is for all the guys who know they want to look strikingly handsome at the functions but don’t know what to wear. Here are a few Continue Reading

Non-Indian brides marrying Indian grooms- Shopping tips in India | Stylblog!

Tips for Non-Indian Brides Getting Married to Indian Grooms

Indian or Non-Indian the wedding day is one of the biggest day of every girl’s life. Wedding shopping and preps are in themselves very tough and confusing. On top of it if you’re marrying a person of a different nationality then things are going to get tougher. If you’re not an Indian girl but are about to marry an Indian guy then this blog is going to make things way easy for you. The first Continue Reading

How to: Pair Shoes, Men’s Edition!

Learn How to Pair Men' Shoes

As fashion is setting up new heights, modern men need to keep up with it! It’s not just suit & ties anymore, the definition of fashion changes according to your personality. What shows more about your personality than the way you wear your shoes! From Formal to Quirky, you can pair shoes in so many ways that it’ll blow your mind. A good pair of shoes can either make or break your look. Here are Continue Reading