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Broken Suit: Dapper Mens-Styl! | STYL-INC-Stylblog!

We all have to agree that nothing makes a man look sharper than a well-tailored suit. We usually don’t see too much evolution in men’s fashion but when we spot it we make sure to bring it to you. The hottest trend for men is a ‘Broken Suit’. This trend is basically picking up elements from 2 different suits and pairing them together. Sound unique and looks chic, so let’s show you it! SOLID COLORS Continue Reading

4 Work to Party outfits you must try| STYL-INC-Stylblog!

In these uber fast times our generation is quite literally juggling between several place in one go, running from one place to another. And most of all we juggle between our work and our friends. So many times we cancel post work plans with our friends because we aren’t dressed properly. So it’s about time we help you solve this problem as well. Here are some work to party outfits for you to style and Continue Reading

Hollywood Characters To Look Up-to For Power Dressing | Styl-Inc | Styl-Blog

Hollywood Characters to Look upto for Power Dressing

We always get inspired by what we see on television. Be it the loving and caring relationships from Desperate Housewives or the chill-out friendship of F.R.I.E.N.D.S . More than feelings we get inspired by what these characters wear and how they carry themselves with power. Here are few Hollywood characters that inspire me to dress powerfully. 1. Jessica Pearson from Suits Wooooo!!! I really love how this female co-founder and managing partner of the top law firm in Manhattan carry herself. The dresses she chooses are of proper-fit and fashion forward in a very subtle way. This Continue Reading

Suits to suit every girl out there! – Formal-Styl|STYL-INC-Stylblog!

Suits to Suit Every Girl - Formal

Suits are no longer a man’s staple, and the fact that we’re back with a 2nd blog about it authenticates it even more. I am a complete ‘Suit’ girl and the love the fact that more and more brands/designers are coming up with chic and elegant suit trends for women. Even our Bollywood fraternity is falling in love with suit. So let’s take you through some our tops picks which I’m definite you’d want to Continue Reading

Power Dressing: Decoded | STYL-INC | STYLBLOG!

All About Power Dressing, Key Elements

Issac Bashevis Singer once quoted, “What a Strange Power There Is in Clothing!!!” so true. The debate always remains whether the man made the clothes or the clothes make a man? I think the two always stand for each other. Clothes, if worn with appropriate details, reflect a person’s image in public. I am a firm believer of the same. What Is Power Dressing? As the word goes – “attire that shows power in our personalities.” The traditional definition says power dressing refers to our sense of dressing to demonstrate our authority at the workplace. The definition remains pretty much Continue Reading