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Lindsay & Miten : The Ireland Wedding – StylBride & StylGroom

Indian weddings are grandeur personified. An amalgamation of emotions, culture, traditions & fun. . Awesome food, social interactions, dancing and then there is obviously dressing up, and that’s why they call it the #BigFatIndianWedding. I for one love cross-cultural weddings, where its fun and interesting to see two vividly different cultures combine in harmony. One such couple this year, and happens to be my favorite with they giving us free reigns on planning the wedding Continue Reading

How to match wedding outfits for Bride and Groom? – Coordinated couples! | Stylblog!

On regular days we love twinning with our partners because itโ€™s fun, but when it comes to the wedding ensembles coordinating becomes an unspoken need. Coordinating with your partner not only makes the pictures comes out good but also makes you look synchronized as the couple. Believe it or not it does create a sense of belonging which even your guests can feel. So here are various ways in which you can coordinate your wedding Continue Reading

Meghan Markle weds Prince Harry #RoyalWedding | STYL-INC-Stylblog!

This without any doubt is the grandest wedding of the year, with guest list including the cream crowd from all over the world to grace the event.ย  The wedding took place at the Windsor castle in the St. Georges chapel on the 19th of Mayโ€™18. What started as a blind date culminated into a beautiful reunion of two people witnessed and blessed by millions. Though we werenโ€™t invited to the wedding but we made sure Continue Reading