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Top 3 Skin care tips for winters- winter brides- Stylblog!

Top 3 Skin Care Tips for Winter's Brides

We Indians absolutely love having and attending weddings in winters. No stress of runny makeup or sweat, the chilly weather makes everything better. But our skin doesn’t adore winters as much as our heart does and this creates a problem for the winter brides. Dry and flaky skin is every girl’s issue but facing this during the wedding days is a nightmare. So we have for you some tips to make sure your skin care Continue Reading

Pairing Ties with Shirts: Men’s Styling!

Pair Different Ties with Men's Shirts

Excess of anything is bad and this applies to choice of options as well. When one gets to many options to choose from they are likely to make the wrong decision.  What would be a better example of this than our own wardrobe? What’s even more difficult is pairing those unavoidable essential, like a shirt and a tie. ‘A well tied- tie is the first serious step in life’- Oscar Wilde, every now and then Continue Reading

5 Super quick and easy hair masks for winters-Stylblog!-Styl-inc

Super Quick Hair Masks for Winter

I adore winters. I wait the entire year for this chilly season to come so that I can flaunt all my winter wardrobe. But the one thing I fret the most is what the cold does to my tresses, makes’em all frizzy and dry. And since I have long hair I love to styling them in so many different ways but I also need to keep my locks luscious the entire time. To style or Continue Reading