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6 Work-From-Home Hacks; Breaking down WFH

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How do you Work-From-Home like you are working from work? When we go to work everyday, we feel work-from-home would be a bliss. On the other hand, Work-from-home is really tougher than work from work. Hence, in this scenario we have to make sure we are not lagging behind in our daily tasks and productivity! Given below are some ways we recommend to you to remain productive-: 1. Stay in the routine: We know you Continue Reading

4 Work to Party outfits you must try| STYL-INC-Stylblog!

In these uber fast times our generation is quite literally juggling between several place in one go, running from one place to another. And most of all we juggle between our work and our friends. So many times we cancel post work plans with our friends because we arenโ€™t dressed properly. So itโ€™s about time we help you solve this problem as well. Here are some work to party outfits for you to style and Continue Reading