Tame that Monsoon Hair Frizz with These Hacks

tame frizzy hair in monsoons

As much as we love to flaunt those tresses by keeping them open and flowing, monsoons make it a tedious task. The humidity that comes with the rains has the power to turn your good hair days into bad hair days in a matter of seconds. Excessive hair loss, rough and tangled hair strands, and a frizz that stands no chance against your hair-brush. There is a high chance that your hair suffer through the above during the monsoon. But fortunately, the experts have their expert tips and tricks that you can use to tame that hair frizz without breaking your strand and head!

Take a look below to know about them.

Lower the temperature in the shower

Cold water for hair rinse
Image Credit: Naturally Curly

A hot shower while it’s pouring or chilly outside brings an incomparable comfort. While that may even be what your skin may enjoy, it is in fact, a big no-no for your hair. If you please, transition your hot shower into a lukewarm/cold one as you rinse your hair. In simple words, let your last rinse be with cold water. It helps the frizz and seals the cuticles and pores.

Watch your hair products

Alcohol free hair products
Image Credit: Grist

When they say, choose your hair product wisely, they really mean it. So, the next time you go shopping, make it a point to read on the ingredients. You definitely want a product without alcohol, sulphate, and chemicals, so your hair retains its natural moisture and stays healthy to ward off the frizz.

Steer clear from blow drying

Blow drying hair
Image Credit: HairFinder

The convenience of blow-drying and oh, the way it leaves your hair looking, is definitely tempting. But, sadly, this convenience isn’t exactly favourable to your hair’s quality. As your mom says, keep it for occasions and let your hair dry naturally after a wash.

Oil it up

Oiling hair
Image Credit: The Statesman

When your granny offered to massage your hair with oil, trust us, it was pure love. Hot oil hair massage works like magic on your hair and there’s no better hair fix than this. Although all hair textures are different and shows results at different paces, this is still set to work wonders.

Be gentle with your hair

Gentle care
Image Credit: Hairfinder

Use but don’t overuse tongs and irons on your hair. Keep its exposure to heat and friction minimal. And, when you try to dry your hair after a wash, try not to be harsh with your towel. Gently pat it with it and let it dry naturally.

Seek remedies in the kitchen

Homemade masks
Image Credit: Good Times Magazine

Go natural in every way! Get DIY-ing and make some easy and effective hair masks with ingredients available in your kitchen. Yogurt, honey, bananas, and eggs are some items that you can use to whip up a natural hair mask.

You see? There’s a solution for everything. Moreover, if need be, there are always experts to guide you through these issues. As for something a little more concrete than this hair dilemma, there are always professional to help you.

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