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Fashionable Jewellery for a Bengali Bride

Sandalwood paste effortlessly decorating the brows, breathtaking eyes perfectly lined with kohl, flawless natural makeup are all that define a Bengali bride. Another unique and definitive attribute of a Bodhu is the tradition gold jewelry that ornate her like a dream. So we have for you the A-Z of the gorgeous Bengali jewelry which are like a feast for the eyes!



This is their traditional matha patti. It is made of gold, is stringy and the added pearls and gems accentuate its beauty. It is used to decorate the center parted hairstyle of the bride.

       picture courtesy: Tanishq Rivaah

This delicate haar which is a result of supremely fine craftsmanship sits elegantly on the neck of the bride. It has a flat base like a paati and stands out from the rest of her jewelry.

  1. NATH

The nath plays a very significant role in a Bengali wedding. The size of the nath dictates the status of the bride. The bigger the nath the higher the status. A traditional nath is usually decorated with beads along with a few beads hanging from it as well.

                                           picture courtesy: Tanishq Rivaah
  1. CHIK

The gold Bengali choker is broad in size but short so that they don’t reach the collar bone of the bride. Comfort is must!

                 picture courtesy: Tanishq Rivaah

This long haar made of gold and gems with a floral inspired pendant. It hangs gracefully and usually goes down till the waist of the bride. Needless to say how gorgeous it look!


This is something we know as a haathphool. Its designs are inspired by the sun, moon and lotus and has five ring fingers with chains attached to one big piece.


Shaakha pola are bangles with coral red and white color incorporated with gold. They are believed to bring prosperity and good health to the bride.

                          picture courtesy: Tanishq Rivaah

The traditional jhumko designs draw inspiration from flowers and strings. Their look is a fusion of modernity, tradition and great craftsmanship.

  1. TIARA

I saved the best for the last. Bengali brides are the only ones who actually get the feel of being a princess, they get a tiara! the tradition says that its worn to keep the bride’s veil in place but we all know what it really does!

                                                              picture courtesy: Malabar Golds


These are the ornamental masterpieces an eastern bride or Bodhu adorns on her big day. Jealous much? Get inspired and get styled by STYL-INC and bring your bridal dream to life!



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