The Bridal Saga: Sagan!

Fashionable Sagan Outfits for the Bride!

Weddings in India are not just a ‘one day’ affair, they are an entire saga. The preparation are initiated the minute you say yes! We know how stressful things get. From finding the right locations to the perfect outfits. So STYL-INC is back with an entire series of blogs dedicated to make your journey blissful. We will solve all your outfit woes starting from the first function up till the last one.


This marks the beginning of the wedding frenzy, thus making it an extremely important event. You will be the star of the evening with all eyes on you. And like a celebrity is how we will treat you. What we wish to put across is that every function needs to be shopped for differently using different parameters.

We understand how all the bride-to-be’s want to look mesmerizing and unique. So trust me, STYL-INC has you covered. Here is a list of options every bride-to-be should go through. There is something for everybody!


Anarkali’s never go out of style and look good on everybody. I find them to be elegant in their own unique way. Their kaliya and big ghera give a royal touch to them making you look a class apart. The floor-length anarkali’s perfectly suited the Indian palette for chic embroidery and a good fit. Anarkali’s are comfortable to wear and easy to handle so that you can enjoy your function thoroughly without feeling trapped in your clothes.

                                                                               picture courtesy: Sabyasachi and Pinterest

Every bride is remarkably same yet uniquely different. I call them same because they all wish to bring to life their wedding fantasy through their clothes. They are different because all have different outfits in mind for their day. And we hate to limit any bride’s options. Cape jacket lehenga is perfect for those who love the long flare of lehenga but are not very fond of the choli and dupatta. There are embroidered as well printed options for those who like to keep things shimmery and those who like it simple respectively.

                                                                                picture courtesy: Anita Dongre and Pinterest

A lehenga is every girl’s first choice to get that dream like look. I personally love lehenga’s, for me, they add an element of delicacy. Every girl feels so graceful in a lehenga. I adore modern lehengas. They satisfy our craving for embroidery yet not going over the top. The subtle shimmer adds to the poise. And of course one can always experiment with the blouse. You can hardly ever go wrong with lehenga girls!

                                                                       picture courtesy: Pinterest and Tarun Tahiliani

These are a blessing for those girls who just can’t handle dupattas. Some of my friends find it difficult to carry a dupatta and because of that refrain from wearing a lehenga. Coordinate sets are a blessing for them as with them they can twirl as much as they like in their favorite lehenga without the hassle of a dupatta. This set consists of a skirt with a matching crop top. And for those of you wondering if it’ll be good enough for the function, definitely. They are extremely pretty, elegant and no less heavy than any other outfit.

STYL-TIP: for those who want to wear lehenga differently, pair it up with a blazer. A blazer with a lehenga will look equally formal and beautiful. A little different from the usual yet equally apt for your sagan ceremony.

                                                                            picture coutesy: Manish Malhotra
  • GOWN

Gowns with an Indian touch are the new thing. They let a girl get her princess-like look along with adding a dash of India. Some fancy and basic silhouettes covered with beautiful embroidery is what is pleasing the modern girls. Light work or fully embroidered, trail or no trail, georgette or silk, the options are endless.

STYL-TIP:  not everybody has a liking for shimmery embroideries and this is something STYL-INC is aware of. So try different embroideries before settling for ‘the one’. My personal favorite is Phulkari from Punjab. A colorful and bright work of silk threads, very classy and elegant. Break the myth that heavy embroidery means shimmer work.

                                                   picture courtesy: Shyamal and Bhumika and Elan
  • SARI

The list of the perfect outfits can never be complete without the sari. Trust me I know how complicated they are to wear but I also know how breathtaking they look. Nothing brings out the delicateness of a girl like a sari. Whenever I see a girl in a sari I see feminity, grace, delicacy, and strength all at once. And that is beautiful.

STYL-TIP: this tip is for those girls who want the best of both worlds. That is to dress in a sari and also have a gown like trail. Yes this is possible. All you have to do is pair a long cape (get customized or go for a cape blouse) matching with your sari, and you’re ready princess!

                                                                              picture courtesy: Sabyasachi

All the girls kickstart your bridal saga with a spot-on outfit. STYL-INC has always got your back. The sagan ceremony will initiate your journey to be a bride. You will be the star with eyes on you. Throughout your wedding journey, STYL-INC will bring you all the tips and help you need to help to achieve your bridal dream.


Signin off,

Keepin’it Styl-ish

-Priyal Malik

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