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Indian Wedding Hashtags Trend

Happy Ever After is now #HappilyEverAfter in the real and the virtual world. Thanks to the buzz of this hashtag mania. It is on everywhere from Facebook to Instagram. It is soon going to take over everything because it is so fun and addictive. Also helps connects people.

Now it has taken over the weddings as well. Weddings are all merry and fun.

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It is duty bound that guests will click pictures at you wedding functions. Asking for pictures afterwards can be a baffling process. Calling them to share a piece of those timeless memories is actually inconvenient. Also, photographers take a long time. So, to make this whole process effortless provide the guests with a hashtag. It can be a short and catchy combination of you and your partner’s name. Or a romantic phrase or anything that has a ring to it, fits the requirements of an edgy yet trendy wedding hashtag.

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To save you the trouble of doing the above mentions. You also have lot of websites at your disposal. Websites ask for certain details and Voila, there you have it. A perfect wedding hashtag.

If this is too mainstream for you. There are several professional who would do the same by adding the touch of their magic. Presenting you with a desired hashtag.

Whatever it might take your wedding must have a hashtag. Once this is done. Spread a word to the guests about the hashtag. Request them to use the same for any picture, videos or anything that the share from the wedding. Which you can later see just by searching the hashtag.

Ultimately, it’s all about having that amusing element in your wedding and giving it an edge.

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