Self-Quarantine in The Digital Age.

How are we keeping in touch with our relatives and friends during this self-quarantine and Lockdown period?

As Covid-19 strikes the country, so does this lengthy (and what seems to be endless) lockdown. Although this pandemic has left us helpless, but we can make the most of this quarantine time. This is the time to spend time with yourself and your immediate family.

Even though we cannot go for our occasional hang outs, we are still trying our level best to stay connected.

We all do miss our seldom visits to our relatives and friendโ€™s houses. Here is a list of things that are connecting people all over the world during these trying times:

1. Video callings:

Everyone is familiar with the various mediums of video chatting for any purpose. There are various applications for video calling like facetime, skype, zoom etc. Be it relaxing and playing songs / singing together or discussing what you watched last on Netflix. Apart from that, there are professional conference apps to discuss work plans and strategies. Video calling apps are a great way to indulge in some meaningful conversations or just plain fun.

Quarantine video calling

2. Virtual Work Outs:

The best kind of positivity and rejuvenation is the one you get through exercising. We are sure the fitness junkies agree. But surprisingly, this quarantine time is turning the rather lazy ones into fitness enthusiasts. All gym/zumba/aerobics/yoga etc trainers are giving online sessions. Some of the people are connecting with their friends at a specific time daily and exercising together on video calls.

3. Playing app games/video games:

One of the best ways to kill time when you need a quick break from your productive day. Everyone around the globe is connected to some game or the other. While we play the solo games many a times, team player games are our saviour during the Covid-19 quarantine. Apps like Quiz up, Ludo, PubG, Bingo, poker tournaments, House party etc. to name a few.

4. Social media challenges, bingos, quizzes:

Usually social media is an overload of information at times. There is soo much happening that it is tough to keep up. Also, mostly we read a lot about the cons of social media. But to our surprise, apps like Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp are turning out to be the messengers nothing but positivity during this quarantine. Full of positive affirmations and . There are fun challenges like push up challenge, cooking challenges, mind boggling quizzes that keep you constantly occupied.

5. Book clubs:

This ones for the love of novels and poetry. This quarantine time has giving a chance to the avid readers to get back to what they love. Now we all have ample time to get to that book we were not being able to finish. We have heard of a lot of book club meetings (read as: conference calling) every fortnight and discussing their favorite books. Reading a selected book and sharing your viewpoints with fellow readers is one sure shot way to keep you happy during quarantine.

6. Online courses with friends:

Some of us are using this time to enhance our skills. Well, what better time to gain more knowledge in your field. Or any other that interests you. You may join online courses to learn more about the industry you are in. Or you could also attend online classes to take up your hobby like learning an instrument. For instance, some people are joining e-cooking classes with their friends and competition with each other. This does sound fun and keeps you involved.

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7. Spiritual Healing and Meditation:

One of the most important things in these tough times is to maintain a mental equilibrium. To take out an hour or so for something spiritual in your day is always a good call. Now that we have more time in hand, we can spend more time meditating. It can be any kind of mental peace and relaxation. It can be spiritual messages, holistic healing, yogic meditation, Buddhist chants etc. Many people, for example, are attending (online) with their friends and family the daily program i.e with Sadhguru in these Challenging times.

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Lets win over Covid-19 and self-quarantine time together!

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Till then, keep it stylโ€™ish,

Signing off,

Sagarika Kapoor

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