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List of Ultimate Quirky Bridal Accessories

The bridal trends are the quirkiest and prettiest. So many innovations keep happening that it gets hard to keep up with the trends. Be it footwear or jewelry everything keeps getting revamped and we absolutely love it. We keep ourselves update so that you get the best of all. So here is a list you can quickly browse through to get updated about the quirkiest of the lot!


Let’s start from the top. We’ve all seen and worn regular maath patti’s and maang tikka’s, so it’s time we upgrade to something new. The first new age maath pati’s is beautifully stringy while the second one is a mix of maath pati and borla. This coupling takes the accessory a notch higher. This new age maang tikka is nothing short of stunning. It’s got jewelry pieces instead of a chain which will sit gorgeously on your head.

picture courtesy: Pinterest
  1. NATH

Majority of us love the big, royal looking nath’s but there are still some who like to keep things small. But that doesn’t mean that they are any less trendy. These awesome 3 string naths are gorgeous. You can have them with or without the hanging, any way you like!

picture courtesy: Sunita Shekhawat/ pinterest

Your hands won’t be left out as there is something ȕber chic for them as well. Ditch those same old rings and kadahs and check these stunning pieces. A double ring with a pearly string and a pearly kadah will make your pretty hands look even more gorgeous.

picture courtesy: pinterest

Earlier we’ve talked about how lovely the big neckpieces and chokers look. But I feel that this summer season we should give some other fun designs a chance. Like this 3 layered gold neckpiece. This is elegant, comfortable and unique all at once. The first floral layer makes it even more exquisite. Then we also have the satlada haar which is making its way back to the bridal market. Such designs are a fresh retake at the bridal jewelry trends.

picture courtesy: pinterest

Most of the brides don’t pay much attention to their footwear as they feel that it would not seen. But I’d suggest that you keep your footwear as quirky and off-beat as the rest of your ensemble. The new brides are ditching the painful high heels and going for more comfortable and prettier options. Like these customized ‘kudi pataka’ jootis or the blingy converse. These will definitely set your feet, look and mood right!

picture courtesy: pinterest

This is a short list including head to toe accessories so keep you updated with the best. If there’s anything particular you want know or get styled then reach us at STYL-INC.


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