Transform Your Dine-In into a Fine-Dine Experience

Fine dine at home

Needless to say, we all miss those weekend dinner plans out at some of our favourite restaurants, don’t we? There’s something so very lively and uplifting about a fancy dine-out with your favourite people. Maybe it’s the well-cooked food or the ambience. Nevertheless, now that we are homebound and taking over the kitchen to compensate for all the outside food that we cannot eat. It only makes sense to recreate that fine-dine experience at home too. It is certainly an easy feat, provided that you put some creativity and dining essentials to use in the right way. Let’s take a look at all that you will need to invite that experience into your home.


Tableware for dine-in
Image Credit: The Belden Stratford

On regular days, we obviously don’t even think about taking out our exclusive sets of dinnerware and table accessories. Certainly, it is not even required on the usual days. However, once in a while when the desire for a dining experience arises or you’re celebrating particular occasions, go all out. Pick table linen, a preferred dinner set, table napkins, napkin rings, the right glasses, and anything that could make your dinner table complete and restaurant-like.  


Candle-lit dine-in at home
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Most of the ambience of a place or a setting is crafted by the kind of light that’s being used. Safe to say, the right lighting can do wonders not just for your dining area but also your mood. Pick some votive, scented candles and consider switching on that ambient light that you don’t use on regular days, and watch that magic unfold.


Good food and a good menu are key. If you hope on recreating that fine-dine set-up at your abode, you have to plan your meal that way. A bowl of salad, soup, and an appetizer or two may do it for your tummy but that makes it as normal as any other day. For a fine-dine experience, you ought to put some effort into the menu planning—plan a full course meal, including something of everyone’s preference.


Treating home dinner like a fine-dine
Image Credit: The Spruce

Most importantly, for your home dinner to replicate a fine-dine outside, you have to treat it like that. Treat it like a special dinner that is well-planned in advance. Ensure every member at home is informed about it, so they treat it the same way. A dinner out at a restaurant is more about the ambience, dinner conversations, and laughter than just the food. Similarly, this dine-in has to be approached with that same mental energy.


Picture Credits: Rue Magazine

Speaking of treating it like a dine-out, we have to include our looks here too. Consider changing out of your home clothes for a while and putting some effort into dressing up. If need be, have a theme in place and ask everyone to adhere to it in some way. This will certainly add to the set-up and render you that fine-dine experience that you’ve been missing!

Most of all, don’t forget to keep it stylish!

Keep’in it Styl’ish


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