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Bridal dupatta draping tips

Bridal dupatta is one of the most important parts of a bride’s attire. Your overall look depends on the way you drape your dupatta and carry it. Many brides prefer to pair their lehenga with a single dupatta, whereas there are many who go for double dupattas to create that modish and contemporary look.

Whether you opt for a single dupatta or a double-one, there are so many ways in which you can drape your dupatta. The way you drape your dupatta will change your whole look and add so much charm to your bridal attire. 

#STYLTips: Dupatta draping ideas for the new brides

Ditch the traditional way of carrying the dupatta over your head. Drape it differently and revamp your whole look. Here are some trendy ways to carry your dupatta: 

1. Wear it like a cape

Drape your dupatta
Source: Anita Dongre

Drape your bridal dupatta around your shoulders and wear it like a cape jacket to add that refreshing touch to your whole look. 

2. Add a belt for that contemporary yet traditional look

Drape your dupatta style
Source: Delhi Velvet, Omg Moods

A belt is a perfect accessory and will add that glam to your look. Add a waist belt to secure your dupatta in place and achieve an effortless bridal look. The belt will add that touch of modernity and take your whole look to another level. You will not have to worry about handling your dupatta. 

3. Create contrasting layers

Easy ways to drape your dupatta
Source: Anita Dongre, Oragraphy

Another stylish way that we absolutely adore is creating contrasting layers by carrying two completely different bridal dupattas. You can choose dupatta of different colours and materials to create that stunning look. Break the color monotony and experiment with the dupattas.

4. Wrap it like a shawl

shawl style
Source: Shades Photography

Wrap it around and flaunt it like a shawl. The simple and sophisticated style will make you look super stylish and will add that grace to your outfit. 

5. Drape it like a jacket/shrug

Dupatta draping styles
Source: Shyamal and Bhumika

Add a little twist to your outfit and drape your dupatta like this. This will make you look super chic and trendy

6. Play around with the second dupatta

Bridal dupatta draping styles
Source: Shades Photography, Arshaan Gandhi, Anita Dongre

You can keep one dupatta on your head and then play around with the second one. You can consider draping it like a saree or can carry it in Punjabi style for that versatile look. 

7. Do it like gujjus

Gujarati bridal draping style
Source: Sabyasachi

The Gujaratis style of draping a dupatta is simple yet elegant. Drape your dupatta like Gujaratis and keep it simple and classy. 

Give these styles a shot and amp up your whole look. 

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