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What is Image Consulting

Majority of you must have heard the term ‘Image Consulting’ sometime but are you aware of what it really means? Today I’ll break this term to a very simple form for everyone to understand and incorporate in their lives.

Image Consulting/ Management is wherein a professional steps in to give your personality that extra dash of charm to make you even more amicable. To make it even simpler let me put it in 3 alphabets, the ABC of image consulting.

A – Appearance

B – Body Language

C – Communication

An image consultant will work on these 3 aspects on your personality to give you the required makeover which will help you to ace your professional as well as personal life.

Now the question is How to know if you need image consultancy?

Now many of us can actually decipher if we need a consultant/stylist or not but here are a few points which will make the decision making easier for you. Your everyday woes such as confusion about what to wear, choosing the right color palette for yourself, lack for confidence in public gatherings are all little indicators pointing towards the need of a consultant.



How do we work?

We are a team of professional image consultants and stylists and work under the guidance of our founder/CEO Meha Bhargava, a thriving professional in the field of Image consultancy. As professionals we work with our clients keeping the professional and technical touch of consultancy in mind. ABC of image forms the base of our work plan and we work with the client to enhance their appearance, in terms of their dressing, style and body type. Next we work on their body language, i.e. code of conduct in different settings. And final step being helping them enhance their communicating skills for a better expression. We understand that every client is different and thus we offer customizable packages and apply different methodologies with different clients to make sure they are able to understand and incorporate the changes smoothly.


Image Consulting is a vast field and doesn’t work on any fixed norms. At STYL-INC we acknowledge the different makeover needs of different individuals on work together towards promising results. For further queries or to book an appointment reach us at STYL-INC.


Signin off,

Keep’in it Styl-ish,

-Priyal Malik

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