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Trendiest Sarees for Best Friend’s Wedding

Your best friend’s wedding just isn’t a chance her chance to be a bride but it’s also secretly the perfect opportunity for you to channel your inner diva. We all love our best friends and start planning their wedding years before it actually happens. And we all secretly hope to find our dream boy on one of the functions. But we just can’t rely on luck can we, we have to look like a pure diva to find our right one or just to slay the wedding runway. This blog is for all the saree loving girls out. Here are some of the trendiest saree options for you to slay in at your bff’s wedding!


It does sound like an oxymoron right, but it’s true. A pallu drape over pants is one of the chicest styles you’ll ever come across. Not having to struggle with the skirt will feel so liberating. Saree cannot get more comfortable than this.

picture courtesy: Anamika Khanna/ Shivan and Narresh

Retro is everywhere and we can’t overlook it because it’s so pretty. Sarees in bright colors and prints with embellishments, how can one not fall in love them? The saree silhouette on the left which is slightly fitted on the knees recreates the Mumtaz style saree draping but without making you uncomfortable.

picture courtesy: Mahima Mahajan

If you love bling then you’ll go gaga over these beauties. The former two are for those who like subtle bling. The pearl and feather detailing makes the sarees look even better.


picture courtesy: Manish Malhotra/ Falguni and Shane Peacock

The latter two are for those who want to ace the bling game. The perfect combination of sleek, classy and bling!

picture courtesy: Manish Malhotra/ Anamika Khanna

Shine like a diva in these masterpieces keeping in mind not to steal your best friends big day. You can thank us later for these super fun fashion updates. For further queries or to get styled reach us at STYL-INC.


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