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Fun Ways to Include Pets in Wedding

Our pets are our best companions, they’re a huge part of our lives and definitely not someone we can spend even a single day without. Good days or bad day they stay with us through everything, so how can we leave them out of our wedding day. Just like every other member of the family they deserve attention and a photo shoot with the couple. Here are some ways for you to include your pet in your wedding and make it Pet-clusive!


Commit to your pets when you commit to your partner, from a pair of 2 become a pair of more. They’re the best group you’ll ever have!

picture courtesy: Pinterest

What better way to propose than to put it across someone who is full of innocence and love. Propose through them and reply through them. Make them the messenger of your big decision.

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Just the way you’re getting anxious about the wedding, probably they are too. They can probably sense some change that’s going to happen, so keep them close. Capture their cuteness filled anxiousness as they watch you get all decked up.

picture courtesy: Wedding documentary/ Naman Verma photography

Get clicked as a family, at the pre-wedding shoot or at any ceremony.

picture courtesy: Clicks unlimited photography/ Infinite memories

Make them a part of your big day, they’re the purest companions who always had your back. Make your wedding pet-clusive!


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