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Solo women travellers let’s make your travel stories even more exciting!

We believe that a woman’s place is wherever she decides to be. For years, the set pattern of rules and stereotypes was leading women to walk on a specific path. Not anymore, from entertainment to defence to travel, women are going places. This is why we thought of taking women travellers to destinations that are safe, beautiful, and worth the visit for their next solo trips.

So, welcome our fellow traveller. Tighten your seat belts because we will take you through our list of unbelievably captivating destinations. Talk about safety and trust us that’s taken care of too. From Iceland to Gokarna, we prepared a list that will boost your travel enthusiasm. Brownie points for solo women travellers because these places are as safe as your comfy home.

Hey ladies, don’t forget to share your experiences with us once you explore these fascinating places!


solo women travellers
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Talk about the most beautiful travel destinations and Switzerland will top the list. This country is located in the heart of Europe and is also known as the 7th most peaceful country in the world. Ladies that caught your attention, right? Switzerland is home to scenic landscapes and makes for a great vacation during winter. If you want to make travel diaries aesthetically pleasing, the Swiss Alps and Interlaken are mandatory in your must-visit list.


solo women travellers
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Believe it or not, but this city is more than just a destination for honeymooners. It’s soon going to be the new favourite destination for all the solo women travellers. Maui offers various unmissable views as well as adventures such as the dormant Haleakala volcano. To take the experience to the next level, you can fly above it on a helicopter. So, all the female globetrotters with an adventurous soul, this place is meant for you.


solo women travellers
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Known as the land of ice and fire, Iceland is another one of the safest cities you can rely on. From northern lights to gigantic waterfalls to green mountains, Iceland is bound to steal your attention. The country is also famous for geothermally heated pools. Not just this, Iceland compared to other countries is also the safest one when it comes to being at the radar of war. So, all in all, this serene country is a must-visit.


solo women travellers
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Here’s a shoutout to the most liberal city with the most relaxed lifestyle. Yes, you guessed it right, we are talking about Amsterdam. It’s the capital of the Netherlands and is also known for artistic heritage. The chicness in the air of Amsterdam and calm vibes are the reasons why it’s safe for solo women travellers. The crime rate in the city is nearly absent. Well, we believe this one is undoubtedly going to be one of our next trips. The Van Gogh museum is one of the most famous tourist attraction that you’ll fall in love with!

French Polynesia

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We can’t deny the fact that this place is unbelievably beautiful. It is filled with captivating islands and also makes sure to maintain a low crime rate. It seems like it’s everything that we needed for our solo trip, isn’t it? From sunset cruise to overwater bungalows to scuba diving, options for adorning your trip are endless!


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Not just for a solo trip but Montana is also an excellent choice for moving in there permanently. It’s close to nature, away from the hustle-bustle and doesn’t struggle with crime. Be its rolling grasslands, craggy mountains or jaw-dropping lakes; the place has everything for every travel obsession.


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If you’re a traveller who is enthusiastic about nature as well as a rich history, Quebec is the perfect choice for you. The European architecture, autumnal beauty and cobblestone streets are the reasons why we added this in our list. The city has one of the lowest crime rates in North America. Are you already packing your bags?  So are we!

Annapurna Circuit

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Hey there sassy trekker, we have picked this one especially for you. Annapurna Circuit is voted as the best long-distance trek that also offers the most swoon-worthy views. Except for the daring route, there’s nothing to be stressed about. If you want to have a taste of what Nepal has to offer, put on your trekking shoes and go ahead.


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Yes, India is, of course, the country of rich heritage, but Gokarna is known for its perfect black beaches. Located in southern India at the Arabian Sea, the town is serene, unexplored and yes, Insta-worthy. Visit this place and who knows, you end up staying there forever because the blue water and black beaches are heart-stealing.


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Here comes the last and our favourite destination that we have been saving to serve as a dessert. Ylläs is a famous cross country and is also known as downhill skiing centre. The white-capped mountains, tangy sunsets, and brisk weather make it our favourite place to visit. The location is actually meant for solo trips only. It helps in rejuvenating and to be honest, we all need it now!

Now that you have our list of most beautiful and safest destinations for solo women travellers, which one do you pick the first?

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