6 Short girls styling tips and tricks to follow

Being a short girl, you must have heard compliments like you look younger than your age. If we look at the other side, short girls have short arms, legs and neck giving a small area to work on. Hence you need to be more selective with your clothing and choose outfit that create an illusion of height.

Here we list down some tips and tricks for you to follow if you’re short and petite:

1. Wear high waisted jeans or trousers:

These kind of lowers elevate the legs and make one look taller. If you don’t like skinny jeans, you can go for bootcut jeans which suit every body type and make the legs look thinner. But stay away from super loose or baggy jeans.

Shot girls in high waists
Source: lady.tochka.net, dabagirl.net

2. Nude coloured pumps are a wardrobe essential:

Nude coloured footwear, especially pumps create the illusion of height by not making it visually distracting. Stay away from ankle straps as they create a horizontal line at the ankle hence separating the legs. Nude pumps add the much needed height to your legs. And of course, they are uber stylish and classy.

Short girls wearing nude heels
Source: www.townandcountrymag.com, fashionjackson.com , www.hellofashionblog.com

3. Monochromatic or solid colours over too many colours:

Monochromatic outfit to elongate height
Source: wendyslookbook,

Wearing a single colour or tones of one colour is the best way to look tall. There is no cutting of the body hence creating one vertical image. Dark colours work best as they make you look leaner, which ultimately makes you appear tall.

4. Vertical stripes are your best friend:

vertical stripes on the go!
Sources: shein, gabimay

Vertical lines play a trick with our eyes and make us look tall. Thinner stripes are harder to focus on than broader stripes. However stay clear of horizontal stripes as they make you look broader and shorter.

5. Make shorter hemlines your go-to:

Picture Credits: society19.com, stylishlyme.com, theeverygirl.com

Be it a dress or a skirt. Anything above the knee is your style hack. The moment a portion of your legs are visible, it gives you more height. Anything touching your knee or above is a good call. If you want to wear longer dresses then wear an ankle touching maxi. Midi dresses and skirts are a big no-no. Mid-calf outfits for short girls are not recommended as they cut your legs off in odd places. Therefore, don’t be shy and flaunt your skin.

6. Stick to small hand bags over big sized totes:

Its all about proportions! If you have a petite structure, a smaller bag is your go-to style statement. Carrying oversized hang bags will only take away from your outfit and look off on your body type. Keep in mind while purchasing bags- smaller the better!

Picture Credits: the-atlantic-pacific.com, livingly.com, stylecharade.com

It is good if you are happy with your height. But there are certain occassions like for an interview where these tips would come handy. Have fun trying out these fun tips and follow our page for more updates.

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