6 Tips for choosing the perfect outfit for your wedding

Indian Wedding outfits buying tips

Indian weddings are a medley of fascinating cultural celebrations. To match the grandness of these gala celebrations, you need outfits that will help you stand out. The fashion scene in Indian weddings is constantly changing. Be it brides or the grooms, we have seen innumerable experiments taking place in the Indian traditional outfits. Even the guests are entering into the offbeat fashion and making a statement with their outfit choices. 

Wedding outfit buying tips
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With so many unique and edgy trends available, it can be incredibly overwhelming to choose the outfit that matches Indian weddings’ royalness. There are endless choices, and every day designers are coming up with new and edgy traditional attires. Here, we have compiled all the tips you need to keep in mind when choosing an outfit for a wedding.

#STYLTips for choosing the perfect outfit

1. Hitting the store with proper research 

wedding outfit buying guide
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Before you visit the store, you must absolutely do some online research to have a clear vision of what type of wedding outfit you want. Millennials and new age brides are more open to experimenting with newer looks and contemporary designs. However, there are so many offbeat trends that may not go well with your taste and choices.

This is the reason why prior research is crucial before you visit the store. Even if you are shopping virtually, you must do some research to understand and visualize your ideal wedding outfit. 

2. Comfort over trends

Bridal lehengas trend
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Indians are ditching the normal lehengas and basic indo-western outfits. Even couturiers are bringing more mesmerizing and contemporary designs to their collection. There are so many innovative trends that we have seen so far. Some of them may be eye-pleasing but not comfortable. It is very important that you choose comfort over fashion trends. Make sure that you’re comfortable donning that look. 

We are not saying that you should go for something obsolete or stick around the basics. You should experiment and choose an outfit that adds a charming definition to your look. However, you must be comfortable carrying that look. 

3. Invest in a piece that you can re-style later

Restyling your bridal lehenga
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You may not want to wear that same piece again and again. But, you can’t let that ensemble become a dead statement. Instead of keeping that outfit in your closet for years, you must be very mindful and choose an outfit that you can reinvent and re-style later. There are so many ways that you can re-style and create an eclectic modern look. You can play with the dupatta, blouse, or add a statement dupatta or jacket to re-style it. 

4. Choose your jewellery wisely

Wedding Jewellery Buying guide
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Ace the look with the right jewellery. Whether you go for contrasting jewellery or all matching, make sure it goes well with your outfit. If you are donning a heavy jewellery set, make sure that your dupatta and blouse are minimal and lightweight. Otherwise, it will look clumsy and will overshadow your jewellery set. Therefore, it is very crucial that you plan your jewellery wisely. 

5. Plan your ideal dupatta draping style in advance

Dupatta draping styles
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There are so many elegant ways in which you can drape your dupatta. You can hang it around, wear it like a cape jacket, create contrasting layers, or drape it like a saree. There are so many ways in which you can play around with a dupatta. It will add that charming definition to your whole look. You should consider trying different draping options before your wedding. Select the one you are most comfortable with to avoid chaos on the big day. 

6. Pay attention to the fabric and the colour

Bridal outfit trends
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From pastels and lavenders to greys, there are so many new shades that make an appearance in Indian weddings. Choose the colour scheme according to your personal taste, season, and time of the year. Choose a colour combo that you love to create that vibe. You can also consider mix-matching the colour palette to ensemble your wedding outfit. Don’t forget to pay attention to the fabric of each element of your outfit. 

Keep these things in mind when choosing your wedding outfit and make a statement with your outfit. If you need any assistance for bridal shopping, you can reach out to us. We will help you in coordinating that perfect wedding outfit.

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