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This year, the biggest trends are making a comeback. Through the past monocles of history taking cues and inspiration from old-school styles. Fashion largely relies on the concept of future innovation. Although it does seem to embrace and welcome iconic pieces and trends from the previous decades. Giving them a modern-contemporary spin to grace it with the current times.

Every generation is aesthetically inspired by the previous ones not only when it comes to fashion but creatively in their everyday lives as well; on a spectrum of art, decor & culture. From bold shoulder sleeves to retro-round glasses, here’s a list of classic trends and pieces through the previous decades.

  1. Early 1900’s – Chokers

Chokers are considered to be one one of the world’s oldest pieces of jewellery originating in Egypt. They were immensely popular till the mid-1920s and made a comeback in the ’90s and then again in 2015.
There are many variations in this trend, from material to texture to simplicity all the way into an Indian brides choice of jewellery on her special day! This is a trend that can adapt to any culture which why its resurgence seems to be quite inevitable!


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  1. 1920’s & 30’s – Round Sunglasses

Another blast from the past is the retro-embodied round glasses that everyone famously remembers from the ’70s but originally became iconic back in the ’20s and ’30s with the heavy influence of Hollywood glamour and glitz. Oversized and over-the-top are the only way to describe these staples in our lives!


Round Sunglasses
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  1. 1940’s & 50’s – Cigarette Pants

Audrey Hepburn cemented her iconic look with cigarette pants early in her career. Breaking free from the gender-biased restrictions that women faced during that time.

The super-chic skimmed pants have recently become a staple in every woman’s closet. An underrated piece, these pants have the potential to be dressed casually or formally. They can typically be worn for any occasion with the right pieces of accessories and styling!


Trends Pants
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  1. 1960’s & 70’s – Power Suits

The ’60s have seen a revolutionary change in trends. Which happened in women’s fashion. Identical copies of men’s suits were being worn by women as well. Noticeably altered to their body shapes and sizes, the pantsuit became a symbol of power. Sleek and elegant styles of these trends are still seen on runways. That are empowering women and their confidence. The more unconventional material they’re made in, the more popular they seem to be!

Trends Suit
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  1. 1970’s – Denim

The shape and fit of our denim might change but they never go out of style. Bellbottoms and denim jackets with patches and frayed hems took over the 70’s. Especially with the rise of pop culture and its influences on fashion. Even today, people want to experiment and ditch their plain skinny jeans for more fluid silhouettes. From cropped denim jackets to the new wave of boyfriend jeans and straight-cut styles, denim pieces have never disappointed!

Bell Bottom Denims
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  1. 1980’s – Plaid

Plaid was the 80’s most memorable fashion moment. A timeless classic trends. This iconic pattern comes in all shapes and sizes. Having a major fashion moment in 2019, plaid seems to be taking over the runway in eccentric colours and textures. As a result of the upcoming fall season, edgier pieces like coats and jackets in this pattern will become the talk of the town! The ’80s did have some of the most eye-catching pieces in the history of fashion.

Fashion: Plaid

  1. 1990’s & Early 2000’s – Slip Dresses

90’s fashion trends resonate with everyone now more than ever. With their grunge, addictive, heroin-chic styles. The slip dress which was popularised by Kate Moss is now a key piece in a women’s wardrobe. It’s a favourite for a night out or even just for layering. The dress has evolved through the years in different silhouettes, styles, and embroideries. With the endless possibilities of styling this dress, it is definitely influencing fashion today!

Fashion Trends: Slip Dress

As we evolve, fashion evolves. Like clockwork, the cycle of trends emerges and transform every few years or even decades. And they continue to do so. “Trends through the decades that have made a come back” will be a series of posts as we spot the latest trends and help our readers recognize them! For more trends look out for our blogs!

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