7 Unique Sustainable & Eco-Fashion Labels

Conscious Buying is the Way Forward! Sustainable Fashion is the need of the hour!

The World Bank estimates that almost 20% of global industrial water pollution comes from the treatment and dyeing of textiles. Clothing industry produces 10% of all humanity’s carbon emissions. That’s why it is obvious that sustainable fashion needs more awareness.

Did you know that Fashion is one of the largest polluting industries in the world?

Clothing is an integral part of our lives, yet most of us are unaware of the detrimental effects the fashion industry has on the environment. And the ones who are aware? They are either ignorant or just plain lazy.

We all talk about the changes in the environment over the years. The real question is โ€“ What are we willing to do about it?

There is a serious need for conscious buying and one must join hands in downplaying fast fashion. Sustainable fashion is not popular. That’s why it comes across as pricey. Don’t worry, we are here to prove you wrong. Not only is sustainable fashion cool and the ‘It’ thing – it is a chance for you all to give back to the environment.

Apart from the very well-known and established sustainable brands like:

  • Nicobar
  • Good Earth
  • Grassroot by Anita Dongre

We found out a couple of more brands for our fashionistas who seriously wish to switch their game to Sustainable Fashion.

1. Urth (@urthlabel)

We have numerous labels that focus just on Fashion that appeals, this one is promoted as โ€˜fashion that cares’. From super-chic playsuits to dapper blazer sets to feminine midi dresses, they have it all. Sustainable and high-quality fabrics are their USP.

2. Doodlage (@doodlageofficial)

A relatively popular label defining themselves as champions of upcycling and eco-fashion with zero-waste. Working on the philosophy of โ€œDo Good, Look Goodโ€; one look at their garments and you will resonate the same emotions. A ton of recycled or upcycled cotton slip dresses, tunics and even menswear to choose from. They tell their garments story from the fibre to every logistic.

Consume less. Consume Better.

Picture credit: www.doodlage.in

3. The Summer House (@thesummerhouse.in)

“No compromise on style and no compromise on the environment”

How wonderful is this combination and how amazing would it be if every design house swore by this ideology. They source organic cotton from co-operatives in Gujarat and also promote Tencel (a new age fibre from harvested trees).

In addition to their line of clothing, you can also choose materials like organic cotton, khadi, artisanal, and econyl.

4. Sui (@wearesui)

Bridging the gap between nature and fashion. The brand core of Sui is to create awareness on green fashion & mindful clothing. They have a wide variety of dresses, jumpsuits lower etc and eco-friendly accessories. This label is focusing on making a difference.

Ethical manufacturing processes, use of herbal dyes and nature-loving durable fabrics like hemp. Focus on hand-spun garments, and most importantly recycled packaging. Everything about Sui is a win-win for us!

Picture Credit: www.wearesui.com

5. Bohame (@livebohame)

A pre-dominantly menswear modern-day label with statement silhouettes in breathable and earthy fabrics. Bohame is inspired by the concept of an all in one combination of sustainability, durability, comfort and style. This label believes in creating pieces that are timeless classics for both men & women.

6. Straw (@strawindia)

Straw was born recently in 2018 out of the love for ethically crafted, high-quality design-oriented products. They offer a wide range of handcrafted bags woven using ecologically harvested materials and wooden accessories. Classic bags of all shapes, sizes and colours which can be styled with any attire. Straw encourages and joins hands with labels to work towards a clean environment. They are doing so, for instance by reducing garbage landfills. We definitely need more thoughtful brands like them in this world.

7. Greensole (@greensole)

This label is a step towards sustainability and green fashion. An eco-friendly; 100% vegan shoe brand, which not only aspires to create a better tomorrow, in addition it works for a much bigger cause. They believe in social service by turning donated shoes into footwear for underprivileged kids.

In conclusion, no matter how you give back to the environment, every effort counts! The moment we start questioning our purchasing habits, we will feel the need to change. Conscious buying is the way forward in this fast-moving world. It is never too late to shift your lifestyle preferences for your own good. Let’s go for a better, more sustainable living.

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Go Sustainable!!

Till then, keep it styl’ish!

Signing off,

Sagarika Kapoor

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