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Get back to work post COVID

The coronavirus has impacted all of us in some or the other way. The government rolled out Unlock 1.0 in the country in June. The government has eased most of the lockdown restrictions and allowed companies to resume work from the office with limitations on the number of employees. Now, both the government sector and private-sector employees have started operations amid COVID-19. Returning to work may be exciting for some, while some people may be wary of their health. Maintaining a healthy work environment is very important for stepping out in this post-COVID world. 

The lockdown forced millions of employees to follow the work-from-home guidelines. However, with the offices reopening, it’s time to bounce back and get back to work. But, are we really ready to go back and re-adjust to our workplaces? Are companies ready to welcome their employees? Are employees prepared to get back to their desks and work from the office? 

Bouncing Back after COVID-19

Get back to work after COVID
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The lockdown couldn’t be enforced for an indefinite period. Therefore, we need to get back to work. Here, we have gathered some of the things you should keep in mind while returning to work.

1. Social Distancing at work

Get back to work post COVID
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The lockdown may be over, and the offices may reopen. However, it doesn’t mean that the pandemic is over. You still need to follow and maintain social distancing at work. Ensure that social distancing is being maintained. 

2. Encourage Social interaction at the workplace

Social distancing doesn’t mean socially disconnecting with your colleagues. Some employees may likely feel awkward coming back to the office after so long. Therefore, communication and socializing are important. Don’t forget to catch up with your colleagues while maintaining social distancing. 

3. Prepare your protection and safety kit before you go out

Safety kit for corona
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It is very important to take these measures if you are going. Therefore, you should prepare your kit before going out. Your kit should carry a face mask, hand sanitizer, gloves, tissue papers, and hand soap. 

4. Take precautions while commuting to work

Take extra precautions while commuting to work, especially if you are travelling from public transport. Make sure to wear your mask and gloves. Don’t touch anything and try to make digital payments, if possible. Wash your hands after you reach the office. These are some of the necessary precautions that you must take while travelling. 

5. Encourage good hygiene at your workplace

Hygiene at workplace
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We cannot stress how important it is to practice good hygiene at your workplace. Be mindful before touching anything unnecessarily. Avoid hugging or shaking hands with your colleagues. Don’t think it will look rude. It is the need of the hour. Therefore, you must take these steps and practice good hygiene at the office. Wash your hands, wipe down your desk, and your laptop. Avoid touching the railing of the staircase for support. 

Make your workplace safe

Get back to work post COVID
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Everyone needs to follow certain guidelines. The HR Managers and management staff need to make certain changes in their policies, as well. The sick-leave policy must include information about COVID-19. Apart from that, Businesses must follow safety measures and protect their employees and company from the virus. Upon returning to work, safety should be the top-most priority. Follow all the safety norms and ensure that your workplace is safe for employees. 

Restoring productivity 

Post COVID working
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Many of us may have adjusted to the work-from-home routine. Many may find going back to commuting a little difficult. Try being more flexible with working hours. However, if the job allows, allow your employees to work from home. Control the number of employees that will be operating from the office. Try calling your employees in stages to ensure a smooth transition back to work. 

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