Precautions to be taken while booking an MUA

The most ideal time to book a MUA is 4-6 months prior to the D day. This might be sounding like a long time but MUA’s get pre-booked, especially the good ones or if it’s the wedding season. No bride can make do without an MUA on her big day. No matter how much social distancing we do, an MUA is the person we have to be in closest proximity with. All we can do at this time is take some necessary precautions.

Here’s a Precautions guide for you all to be brides to follow during this crucial pandemic time while getting ready by your favourite MUA!

Carry your own tools

Carry your own tools like beauty sponge, eyelash curler etc. Also carry your own waterproof mascara and kajal to ensure safety. Even though the MUA will sanitise these but take extra care to make sure nothing goes wrong.

Practise and learn how to wear lenses

Precautions for MUA
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Lenses complete the entire eye make up look. But usually the MUA makes the bride wear them. Incase you don’t already have an eye number and are new to lenses, then this can take some time. Practise to wear lenses beforehand or if not possible tell your family members to do so. Coming in such close proximity to the artist is not recommended.

Keep a lipstick handy

own Lipstick as precautions
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Lipsticks are the first and foremost make up product which should not be shared. Maintain hygienic and safety measures and ask your bridesmaids to keep a lipstick. Especially because you will be Wearing a mask now. It might make your lipstick chip off due to the humidity. Ensure taking these precautions so you don’t spoil the look or cause danger to yourself.

Share your vision of the desired look beforehand

Discussing the desired look with the Makeup and Hair artist beforehand would make things easier. This reduces the chaos and time spent with other people at that time. Have all your requirements listed down before so that no time is wasted on how to go about things. Also then the MUA will too carry minimal products required to achieve the look.

Make sure No visitors in the room

This is for everyone’s safety. Nobody should be in the room other than you and the artist (hair stylist and helper aside). Even the photographers should not be allowed at these times so there are least number of people around. Request photographers to take the portraits when you’re alone in an open space. Also request the guests to meet you at the venue itself.

Surface should be properly sanitised

precautions that surface is clean

Surface where products are kept should be properly sanitised. Alcohol should be used to clean the surface followed by a towel. This would ensure nothing gets contaminated and you feel mentally safe as well.

At last keep calm and don’t stress, you will have to be a little patient. Follow these steps to ensure smooth Makeup application process!

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