Six tips to look your best on video calls

Video calls styling tips

The global pandemic continues shutter businesses and operations. Even after the lockdown is lifted, working in a remote situation will continue to be the new normal. Sitting in front of the webcam, attending zoom video calls has been the latest trend. Just like weddings and celebrations, everyday meetings have shifted to online-video calling apps. Considering the current situation, video conferencing has become an essential component. It helps in connecting with the remote team members. If you are looking to glam up your style game, you can even hire a personal stylist Delhi. 

Clearly, video conferencing is taking over our lives. Be it a meeting or an interview or a dinner party; everything is happening over a video call. Looking at the current number of cases, we believe that this remote working environment may continue for the next few months as well. So, we thought of creating this guide for all the newbies out there. If you are entering the professional world or are new to video conferencing, this guide is for you. We are here to help you out.

Here are some tips to look presentable and professional on camera:

1. Choose a bright spot

Hire a Personal Stylist Delhi
Source: Veeting Rooms

You must choose the right spot where there is enough natural light, and the focus is on you. The best will be to position your laptop in front of a window for natural lighting. If the light is behind you, the focus will shift from you. If there is isn’t enough sunlight in your room, make sure the light is front-facing. Bad lighting or a wrong angle can create shadows on your face. Therefore, you must avoid that and choose the right spot.  

2. Dress up a bit

Dressing Tips for Video Calls
Source: Northeastern University, Adweek

The clothes that you wear can be a game-changer. If you have a meeting, make sure you dress professionally. Avoid wearing t-shirts, pajamas, and sports tanks. Choose something that you would wear to the office if you were to attend a meeting in person. Avoid statement pieces. Wear simple and light jewellery for video calls. 

Choose solid colors over patterns and stripes. Hire a personal stylist Delhiand get help from the personal stylists on what clothes to buy. Brush your hair and put on some light makeup. Use a concealer if you have dark or puffy eyes. 

3. Choose a neutral background

Video Calling Tips
Source: Her World

To minimize the distractions and make it more professional, you should always choose a neutral background. You don’t have to showcase the wall with family pictures or the home décor. It can be distracting for the other person. Therefore, it is important to pick the right background. Remove objects from the wall that may cause distractions. 

4. Eliminate clutter and distractions

Video Calling Tips
Source: Ways to Study

Eliminate every object that looks distractive in the background. Put your phone in silent mode. If you are using your phone, keep it at a place. No one would like a shaky video. Check the angle of your laptop or smartphone. Keep it to the eye-levels. If you have pets or children, make sure they are not present in the same room. Ask someone to take care of them while you attend your video call.

5. Maintain eye contact with the other person

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Source: Owl Labs

Don’t look at yourself and maintain eye contact with the other team members. Imagine like you are attending the meeting in person and pay attention to what other team members are saying. Remember, your colleagues can watch you and your activities. They will be able to guess whether you are paying attention or not by watching your movements. 

6. Position yourself in the center of the webcam

Video Calling Etiquette
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Video calls are even likely to have technical glitches. Therefore, you should avoid getting late for video calls. Be on time and adjust the set-up before the meeting. The focus should be on you. Thus, position yourself in the center. Check the features of the video conferencing application you are using and keep all the notes nearby. 

Video Calling Etiquette Personal Stylist Delhi

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