Trendy bridal naths that are perfect for modern brides

Latest Bridal Nath Designs

Bridal jewellery carries a special value in Indian weddings, and Indian brides are incomplete without the touch of some jewellery pieces. One such magical piece of jewellery that instantly adds grace to the bride’s face has to be the bridal naths. They add so much definition to a bride’s face and make it look more appealing. If you are a bride-to-be, you should pay extra attention to your jewellery, especially your nath. Before starting your bridal shopping in Delhi, you should always plan the nath you want to wear.

Bridal naths can either make your look or break your look. You have to be very careful about the design. Not every nath design suits every face. A bridal nath may be small in size. But, they can draw all the attention from your face. The bridal nath that you choose to complete your D-Day look should match your attire. 

When it comes to bridal shopping in Delhi, you will be spoilt with so many choices and designs of naths. If your wedding date is around the corner, you should bookmark these trendy and unique bridal naths. These are perfect for the modern age brides and brides who love experimenting with their bridal jewellery.

Bookmark these designs and enhance your look on your special look. 

1. The classic gold-touch nath for that traditional yet edgy look

The gold nath will add that charm and a bit of traditionalism to your look. You can either go for a simple and plain gold nath or the one with pearls for that soft look.

2. The evergreen Kundan naths to complete your look

When it comes to bridal jewellery, the Kundan style naths never goes out of style. They go with almost every style. You can opt for floral kundan nath or kundans and Polki nath designs for that stunning look. 

3. Add some classiness to your look with Ruby naths

Who said Ruby naths are only for South Indian brides? If you wish to flaunt and don a bridal nath, but don’t want to hide your facial features. Then, this style is perfect for you. Pull off this classic South Indian style in your way and add this to your look.

4. Naths with colorful beads and stones for that quirky look

Add that quirkiness and go for a bridal nath with colorful beads. You can choose the one with colorful beads and stones that matches your outfit. If you are someone who wants to experiment with your lehenga color, you can definitely rock this style. The trend is perfect for our new-age brides who love finding unique patterns in their bridal shopping in Delhi. 

5. How about oversized and dramatic Rajasthani Naths?

Rajasthani Naths Bridal Jewellery
Source: Makeup by Indhu, The Wedding Wanderers

The oversized and dramatic Rajasthani naths will definitely add the flare of royalty and charm to your overall look.

6. Simple and round naths for all the minimalistic brides

Naths Bridal Shopping in Delhi
Source: Plush Affairs, Razz Films and Photography, Gautam Khullar Photography

If you swear by simplicity, this simple and delicate nath style is perfect for you. Add a touch of pearl strings.

7. Grab everyone’s attention with oversized and maharani like naths

The oversized bridal naths will truly add much more glamour to your look. You can opt for a bridal nath with pearls and embellishments for that perfect maharani-like look for your D-day.

8. Floral naths for that pretty and elegant look

Floral Nath Bridal Jewellery
Source: Richa Dave

Give a beautiful touch to your bridal look with floral naths. You can don this look for Mehendi night. 

9. Traditional Maharashtrian nath for a chic and modern look

For brides that have small faces, this is the perfect pick for them.

10. Stand out with a statement nath

Statement Bridal Jewellery
Source: Punjabi Traditional Jewellery, White Valley, Gautam Khullar Photography

Make a statement with a nath like this and take your look to another level. 

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