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Latest Maang Tikkas for Different Occasions

Bedazzling stone work to intricate details in gold with diamonds. Maang tikkas are more than just a piece of jewellery, it is a spiritual & religious symbol of a women as to what she brings to her new life. Also, works a protection for bride from bad omens. You can find no Indian bride, without a mang tika at their functions. It could be small as a bindi or as elaborate as a necklace. It all depends on what the occasion is and what the personal preference is.

So for all the girls who are conflicted about what to wear on her various functions. We have for you a list of all the different maang tikas that you can find easily in the market.

Classic Single Tikka in Middle Part

Simple tika is the best for Sangeet ceremony as they are place in the middle part of hair. And simple yet elegant enough for the family function.

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Multi Strand Pearls

These types of tikka are most apt for engagement party. As the outfit of the bride is more elaborate and embellished, these multi-strands that drapes the forehead provide a princess look to the face.

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All Over Multi Strand Tikka

Encasing the head, this maang tikka is a bold statement which brings out the facial features and the jewellery of the bride. It is supported with the center piece as the strands go all over the head.

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Single Layer Maang Tikka

The hairline hugging single strand tikka are as old as time itself. As it hugs the hairline of the bride with a center piece, it draws out the facial features.

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Double Layer Maang Tikka

These are new and revived version of single strand maang tikka. They are more embellished yet not too much to take away attention from the ensemble. Making it perfect for those who love a certain amount of bling, without over doing it.

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One Side Tika

The modern take on a classic jewellery, these are just one sided hair adornment. These are the best for mehendi and haldi ceremony. Where you need just the right amount of embellishments.

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Hidden Under Side Part

For those who don’t want much attention at the center of her forehead. When you love getting different hairstyles done, but still want to follow tradition, these little maang tikkas are your best friends. You can hide the string under your hairstyle and feel beautiful.

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The Ever-Green Broad Maang Tikkas

For the brides who have a love for beautiful indian ethnic jewellery, these make a bride look like a royalty. These heavily embellished chains are the best kind of look, as they desire for a simple hairstyle.

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We at Styl.Inc try to get a bride and her entourage everything that they ask for and what they would need to make the big day something to remember. We are here to give you anything and everything before you would think of needing them and easing the amount of preparations.

In the search for more what to wear on different occasions for you.

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